CD Printing & DVD Printing

Having your CDs duplicated a number of times achieved the first part of a CD or DVD Duplication project, but it can be uninspiring to receive a CD with no printing on the CD itself, even if there are details of the contents on the CD cover. On-disk CD Printing gives a professional look to your product or presentation and can mean the difference between success and failure, or the perceived value of your product or service.

Colour CD Printing & DVD Printing

We have invested heavily in the quality of our CD Duplication and CD printing equipment, to ensure that we offer our clients the very best of CD duplication and CD Printing services. We can help with the CD print design, whether you are looking for simple black print, or full colour CD printing, with photographic quality, we can help.

We offer full colour, photo quality, inkjet CD & DVD printing on runs off 50-250 onto matt, glossy or aquashield surfaced media. For larger numbers we offer silk screen or offset litho.

Thermal CD Printing & DVD Printing

If a full colour label is not to your taste, or if you are simply looking an inexpensive option for a basic text based label, printed onto your CD or DVD, perhaps thermal printing may be the most cost effective answer. It is also the fastest option, so if time is of the essence – this is an important element to consider.

Black thermal CD & DVD printing is fast, gives excellent quality results and is excellent value for money. Black thermal CD printing is the ideal method way of having basic text printed on your CDs or DVD’s.

Paper Parts

Paper inserts are produced using premium paper stock – 160gsm for 4-page inserts/DVD wraps, 170gsm for 2-page inserts, 160gsm tray-liners.

For on-disc images, please do not cut out the inner hole since our software will mask the unprintable areas automatically. Please allow 2mm from the edges for all text. For artwork on the inserts/tray-liners we will require a 2mm bleed around all edges. We would also request that text does not appear within 2mm of the inside edges. Additionally, for tray-liners, it is recommended to use no more than 8 point font size for the spines, due to the proximity of the perforations.

Artwork should be supplied as a hi-res JPEG, PDF, or TIFF or All in-house colour printing is produced using digital colour laser print technology, which uses CMYK for colour generation. As a result exact colour matching (pantone) is not achievable and metal effects cannot be reproduced. We are PC based and therefore unable to support MAC formats.